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Whether you are planning for a balmy beach holiday or snowy alpine ski break, Europe has a lot to offer in March. During March, the temperatures are generally mild, and hotel rates get low as the continent slips into the shoulder season. One can easily enjoy the weather in Europe in March. Hence, below we have discussed the 6 destinations to travel in March through Kiwi airlines. So, thoroughly read the information discussed below.

Munich, Germany

  • The capital and the largest city “Munich” is in the Germany state of Bavaria
  • One of the most popular reasons to visit Munich is to experience the world-famous Oktoberfest. 
  • Munich is in the heart of Bavaria and is the best spot to explore the beauty of the area.
  • The Oktoberfest is well-famous but won’t give the authentic Munich experience.
  • Munich is the home of hearty traditional food, and one won’t go hungry from Munich.
  • For enjoying a great way of this German culture, Munich has a free open-air opera series throughout the summer month.

Rome, Italy

  • People who are wonder whether they should visit Rome, then here we have mentioned the reasons to visit Rome.
  • World’s most famous fountain, i.e. the Trevi Fountain, is in Rome.
  • Some specific foods make the tour of Rome more specialised, so if you are a food lover, then visit Rome. 
  • During the visit, one can see Michelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel and his sculpture of the Pieta. Michelangelo, the most famous artist, many of his well-known artwork can be seen in Rome.
  • The best reason to visit Rome is that it is small enough that one can easily walk around and can see a lot of things in one day.
  • You can spend the entire time in Rome by visiting the churches, and you would not run out of great art and architect to gaze upon. 
  • The pretty mild climate is one of the biggest reasons to visit Rome. 

Madeira, Portugal

  • Madeira is such an incredible place to visit, and for many reasons, people wish to go Madeira for such as family vacation, romantic destination.
  • Madeira is a Portugal island and is close to North Africa, and hence it is the best place to enjoy glorious subtropical temperatures. 
  • The highest temperature comes between June and September.
  • Even in the winter months, the island climate is bathed in warmth and sunshine.
  • For a unique opportunity of adventure, Munich is the best place to visit.


  • London is a city, unlike others in the world, so it is a great decision to get away for a long weekend. 
  • The world’s best galleries and museums are in London, and most of them are free.
  • London is famous for its wide variety of restaurants that covers each nationality and culture.
  • London city is full of gardens, from royal gardens to small gardens tended to by volunteers.
  • The London west end is popularly known for its fantastic range of top-class theatre plays and musicals.
  • In London’s market, one can find vintage cloth, food, antiques, fashion from up and coming designers. 
  • Many places are there in London to enjoy, from the electric to traditional.
  • The nightlife of London isn’t the pubs and clubs, but there are great comedy clubs, rooftop lounges and music venues.
  • London is great for shopping from the departmental store to designer stores, and there is something for everyone.

Innsbruck, Austria

  • Innsbruck offers the best world’s mountain and city life. 
  • Innsbruck attack people for its excellent shopping, culture and nightlife. Also, there are plenty of good bars and restaurants, entertainment and art galleries.
  • The best thing about visiting Innsbruck is that one will find themselves in the heart of traditional, hearty Tyrolian cuisine.,
  • Innsbruck offers a great bar and nightlife scene, and there are several places that will make night lovers happy.
  • Those who are planning to visit the museums in Innsbruck, as well as riding the cable car then it would be worth purchasing the Innsbruck card.


  • Amsterdam is well known for being one of the Netherland’s most historical place, and at the same time, it exudes modern vibes. So, if you are planning for a European trip, then read the list of the reasons before going to Amsterdam.
  • When you visit Amsterdam, then don’t forget to try Dutch gin (“Jenever”), it is a bit weaker and a little oilier than English gin.
  • Amsterdam is famous for its canal beauty, a network of narrow waterways that surpass every expectation and rival Venice in their historic charm.
  • One can see the street parties, exhibitions, parade and scores of supporting events spread over the city centre, not to notify a lively and elaborate canal parade with decorated floats jamming the waterways.
  • All beer lovers must visit Heineken’s old brewery located in Amsterdam, where the company presents its rich and successful history.
  • World’s one of the largest and exciting art museum “Rijksmuseum” is in Amsterdam.
  • In Amsterdam, there are more bikes than people. In Amsterdam, cycling is a way of life. The easiest way to explore the city is to take a tour on bike.