1.You can book low‐cost, wide‐ranging flights over the world with Kiwi-airlines.com.

2.We remove the problem from going to places with free online check‐in.

3.We give every single essential documents for your journeys by email, on your Deal with my booking page and through the Kiwi-airlines.com application.

4.We can assist you with adding additional items to your flight(s, for example, extra things, meals and allocated seating.

5.According to the  conditions behind your timetable change or postponement, we might have the option to offer you accommodation, meals as well as cab facility.

6.By booking through Kiwi-airlines.com you are going into a help concurrence with both us and the individual aircraft carrier(s). It is your duty to acclimate yourself with every single applicable term and conditions.

7.You should give us complete, precise and right data.

8.It is the responsibility of the passenger to be educated regarding all vital visas for their travel trips.

Where would I be able to download my e-ticket?

Once confirmed, your e-ticket can be downloaded whenever from: The Kiwi-airlines.com mobile app and your email inbox.

Trip Cancellations or Refund

To check cancellation and refund arrangements go to “Bookings“, open a specific excursion, look down, and tap “Other”.